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Practice Makes Perfect

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Practice Makes Perfect - Arjen Pasma
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Arjen Pasma

Practice book for the repertory. 

The need for a homeophatic repertory.

The use of a homeophatic repertory will be one of the cornerstones of your homeopathic practice.

A qualified, classically working homeopath with many years of experience, will still consult the repertory for the majority of acute and chronic cases. Hahnemann already felt the need for a repertory and was the first homeopath to compile one. It was written in Latin and titled Fragmenta de viribus medicamentorum positivis, sine in sano corpore observativis (published in 1805)

To become a successful homeopath is essential, besides acquiring good philosophy and materia medica knowledge, to spend plenty of time studying the repertory in detail.

You will find that, after having done these 42 series of exercises in a sincere way and reading the additional explanatory information about the repertory structure given throughout the answers, the repertory will have become your great assistant and true friend.

Arjen Pasma has been teaching how to use the homeophatic repertory in The Netherland and several other European countries for about 25 years. More recently he has been teaching in Kenya and Malawi. At several colleges in The Netherlands the question-series from this book are done over a period of two or three years, during classes and as homework.


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